Cincinnati wins tough contest against Toledo, 5-3

Cincinnati gutted out a close 5-3 win against Toledo.

Cincinnati gained the winning advantage on a goal by Rory Callihan 17:35 into the third period and hung on until final buzzer.

Cincinnati\’s penalty kill excelled, as Cincinnati gave up one goal despite allowing six power plays.

Cincinnati was led by Callihan, who registered one goal.

Cincinnati bested its season scoring average. This season, Cincinnati averages 2.8 goals per contest.

Cincinnati also got points from Albert Janele, who also tallied one goal and one assist, Brady Kiplinger, who also had one goal and one assist, and Cobin Sanborn, who also racked up one goal and one assist. Justin Bioni also scored for Cincinnati. Other players who recorded assists for Cincinnati were Andrew Kraska, who had one and Baylor Hudson, who had two.

Cincinnati was unable to stop Toledo from sending pucks towards the net, and Toledo eventually piled up 34 shots on goal.

Toledo was helped by Ethan Resetar, who registered one goal. Resetar scored 14:39 into the third period to make the score 3-3. Toledo additionally got points from Tyler Zalecki, who also tallied one goal and one assist. Toledo also got a goal from Tristin Snyder as well. In addition, Toledo received assists from Ricky Kwapich, Austin Turner, and Ben Hamilton, who contributed one each.

Daniel Dolliver rejected 31 shots on goal for Cincinnati. Cincinnati incurred 12 minutes in penalty time with six minors. Glen Bates recorded 21 saves for Toledo. Toledo incurred four minutes in penalty time with two minors.